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What equipment do I need to take a class?

      You will NEED:

Something to act as your barre and provide support! A chair is great, plus you can use the seat to accommodate for different levels of flexibility. A piece of sturdy furniture like a dresser will work as well. Something just about waist level that you can stand next to and face. I have a Booty Kicker Portable Barre that works really well for me, if you're looking to upgrade from a chair! 

      You may WANT:

Light weights:  Every class has the option to add weights. If you want to use weights, choose hand weights between 1-3lbs, no heavier! I got mine at Target, they were relatively inexpensive. For the first entire year of the pandemic, I used two cans of beans (1lb each!) and it worked great. You can also choose to use the style that wraps around your wrists, those work great as well.  

Headphones:  I absolutely cannot work out or take a class without AirPods. They help me focus, allow me to pump the music as loud as I need, and they stay in while not obstructing any movement. 

Yoga Mat: I really hate laying on the ground with a sweaty back! You could use a towel for this as well.

Small pillow:  Occasionally I will offer the option to use a small throw pillow as a prop in class. You may use it by placing it between your legs, standing on it, or placing it underneath your tailbone in an ab exercise. I use a small throw pillow that I'm okay thrashing around. You can also use a regular size bath towel folded up! 

What should I wear?

Something that you can move in! You will be lifting your legs, sitting and laying on the ground, and doing any number of stretches, so whatever you're comfortable in. I like to wear barre socks that have grips on the bottom - they keep my feet warm and provide a little more stability from the grippies! You may find you prefer to go barefoot, or you may want to wear sneakers for more support!  


What is barre and what kinds of movements will we do?

"Barre" is a workout that uses a ballet barre for support. It was created by Lotte Berk, a dancer who worked with a physical therapist to heal a back injury. The resulting exercises help strengthen muscle groups that can over time, help support your back, improve your posture, increase your flexibility, and help maintain your mobility as you get older. 

My classes focus on strengthening those muscle groups: your glutes, thighs, and core. I also incorporate arms and upper body strength for a portion of class - gotta be able to carry all those groceries in one trip, you know?

Barre is a low impact workout, which means NO JUMPING. You will have one or both legs on the floor at all times. There are certainly parts that are more cardio intensive and you may become winded, but we will never, ever jump, run, or do fucking burpees. 

To see what a class is like, there are several free classes right on the front page of my site that you can watch to see what they are like! Parts of the class will be standing, you will have the option to do some exercises kneeling, and you will lay on your back for the core section. I will always provide options, alternatives, and variations for each exercise throughout class to meet all different fitness levels. 


Do I need to have dance experience?

HELL NO! Not even the Nutcracker or ballet themed classes require dance experience. I will guide you through every movement, you do not have to memorize any choreography, you don't have to know any dance terminology, or even what the movements are called - that's my job!! All you have to do is show up. 


What if I have injuries?

Please let me know! I'm happy to help you tailor specific exercises to work for you and your body, or to provide alternative movements. I work really hard to make all the exercises in my class accessible to many different bodies, fitness levels and abilities, but that doesn't always cover it. You can always send me a message and I can work with you to accommodate any limitations or needs!



It sounds dramatic for me to say that GhostBaby Classes changed my life, but it's the factual truth! Before these classes I never had a workout community that fostered a joy for healthy movement, an encouragement for bodily autonomy even during exercises, and a fun and dynamic music education from classes that are a different musical theme every time! This is my first time actually STAYING with a workout class and it’s been over 3 years now. Ghost Baby classes are the highlights of my week, and there’s a multitude of classes to choose from in the library for my every mood. Every class is varied and exciting, and to me, Erika is hands down the BEST workout instructor ever!
It has been such a joy to take Erika’s classes! It’s rare for me to feel safe and welcome in a fitness class, but the commitment to body neutrality and lack of diet culture BS had made Ghost Baby classes feel like home. The more classes I take, the stronger and more capable I feel in my body. Plus the best playlists and music trivia to keep me distracted during a stretch of HARD WORK. And excellent stretches!
Erika’s classes brought joy during the pandemic years! Her personality made the class fun, and the exercises were unique, inclusive, and often far more effective than several others I was doing. My knees didn’t hurt, and there were tons of options when my lack of flexibility prevented me from doing certain moves. When I’m unable to take a live class, I love that I have access to the online library and can take one whenever I please. Erika’s classes have been a tremendous resource, and I am so appreciative of her for running this program!
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