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My barre classes are a safe space for all bodies and abilities, free of toxic diet culture and body shaming. Every body is different, so I offer lots of variations and options to help you choose which movements feel right for you. I want to help you create a mind and body connection so that you have the confidence to know when to push yourself, and when to take a break.



Hi, I'm Erika! I'm a barre instructor with certifications from The London Method and IBBFA with an extensive background in classical ballet. All classes are designed for all levels and offer variations and options for every exercise. My goal is to get you to feel good moving your body and make you laugh a little while you do it.

Several years ago I wanted to get into a workout routine, but I HATE WORKING OUT. I loathe it, actually! So I decided that I would take group fitness classes that were fun & exciting to trick myself into enjoying it.

I took lots of dance classes. I started taking an adult gymnastics class and learned to do a back flip when I was 30 years old. I took aerial hoop and silks, and I joined a synchronized swimming class even though my swimming competence level is barely above not drowning.


I changed my relationship with fitness and movement by making it fun, and that is the energy I want to bring to every single one of my classes. Movement can and should be joyful, so I try to keep our time together enjoyable, fun, and even silly. I want to make you laugh at goofy jokes, sing along to songs you know to power you through the last minute of thigh work, and I want you to leave class feeling better than you did when you started.

Music is a huge motivator for me, so each class has a unique playlist. I use music from every genre and from every decade, and I'll often tell you trivia facts throughout class. Sometimes I use the music to inform what we do, like lots of inner thigh squeezing with songs about "together" or hip swivels in thigh to channel David Byrne's dance moves, and sometimes we just enjoy the songs!

It's hard to explain exactly how all-over-the-place-but-also-high-energy-and-extremely-fun-and-sometimes-extremely-niche each playlist can be, so I made a playlist of many of my favorite recurring songs. You can follow it on Spotify here to get a pretty well rounded picture of what I'm all about!

I am always working to continue my education as a barre instructor, fitness professional, and Good Human. I want all to feel welcome in my classes, even if we have never met and you only take classes from the on demand library. That means I work really hard to use language that is inclusive and welcoming for all bodies, genders, races, levels of fitness, etc.


I am constantly evolving and working hard to bring you new exercises, revamp older ones to suit more bodies, and to remove harmful & toxic fitness lingo from my vocabulary to make my (virtual) classroom a safe space, both for your body and your mental health. I'm always open to feedback, in fact it helps me become a better teacher! If you have any questions, if you love something, or if you hate something, if it hurts your body or you need some help, I am always available! You can send me a message here or on my instagram - I love hearing from you!

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