My barre classes are a safe space for all bodies and abilities, free of toxic diet culture and body shaming. You can choose to have your camera on and say hi, or you can keep your camera off and just enjoy the work out!

Music is a huge motivator for me, so each class has a unique playlist. Playlists are often themed, ranging from broad genres like disco, hair metal, or jock jams, to more specific "90s rom com movie soundtracks" or "80s songs with sax solos."



Hi, I'm Erika! I'm a barre instructor with certifications from The London Method and IBBFA with an extensive background in classical ballet. All classes are designed for all levels and offer variations and modifications for every exercise. My goal is to get you to feel good moving your body and maybe make you laugh a little while you do it.


 I offer three classes live on Zoom each week.

If you are not able to or choose not to join live,

I record & upload every class. You can sign up for an individual class and receive a link to download it, or you can sign up for a monthly subscription for access to the entire library of class recordings, accessible 24/7, in any time zone!